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at the irs. steven miller fired just three days ago as abting ingacting head of the irs. he faced a tough day of questioning on capitol hill yesterday. that's where margaret brennan is this morning. margaret, good morning. >> good morning to you. he testified here on friday and republicans say he left them with even more questions. acting irs commissioner steven miller opened his testimony friday with contrition. >> as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. >> miller, ousted from his job this week, said those employees who targeted conservative groups did not do so for partisan political reasons. >> i think that what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> reporter: political people did not accept it. they were furious miller had not acknowledged the irs targeting during testimony in previous years. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> didn't this committee have
overshadow the fireworks on capitol hill friday. when acting irs commissioner steven miller, who tendered his resignation earlier this week, testified. >> we centralized cases based on political activity. >> reporter: he apologized that groups had been targeted for extra scrutiny. the tactic was a foolish mistake, miller said, but not a case of politics. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. ed questnss theyd. >> reporter: this after the white house trying to tamp down criticism over the response to the benghazi attack, released 100 pages of e-mails and notes on wednesday. and the president came under fire this week for the justice department's widely criticized seizure of journalist phone records. >> how do you feel about comparisons of your critic's comparisons of this week's scandals to nixon? >> reporter: the scandals could threaten the second-term agenda. >> a relatively limited window to get things done, and this is eating into it. >> reporter: the irs controversy could have the most staying
seat today, steven miller, the acting head of the irs was forced out this weekend, today a house committee will grill him about why he did not tell congress about the political targeting, here's cnn with the very latest. >> reporter: three days after the white house counsel's office was first notified of the irs targeting conservative groups, the man forced to resign sat before the house ways and means committee. >> let me report on this year's filing season. >> it was a friendly encounter. a routine update on the agency's proposed budget. >> my testimony outlines recent accomplishments. >> today he returns to the full committee to a different atmosphere, miller will be pressed by lawmakers on the information his agency gathered, not the tax checks. >> it's important that appear and come forward truthfully, openly and give us the real answers. >> president obama has tried to put out this fire. expressing outrage. vowing to hold people at the irs accountable. and quickly appointing a new acting commissioner who starts on the job next week. >> we've got to make sure that it is doin
of responsibility over these actions. >> the outgoing i.r.s. acting commissioner, steven miller, pushed out because of the scandal called ingram a, quote, suburb civil service. >> a new federal report shows inmates in several jails across the country face the highest abuse of abuse at the hands of guards. now to some of the stories expected to make headlines in the week ahead. it's a big week for the kid in all of us as microsoft is set to unveil the future of gaming while disney prepares to rock and roller coaster all night long. here's those stories and more. >> monday's ireland's prime minister is delivering the commencement speech at boston college's graduation. cardinal shaun o'malley says he'll boycott the ceremony because of the prime minister's support for pro abortion rights in ireland. and florida governor rick scott is going to keynote the annual party in florida. n florida. wednesday, releaese witherspoon heads to court. she faces disorderly conduct charges for allegedly talking back to officers during her husband's d.u.i. arrest in atlanta. she was in town working on the indy drama, "t
: the outgoing irsng commissioner steven miller,ille pushed out because of the scandal, called ingram a quote, superb civil servant and tum griffin says she provide the quote, horrendous customer service implementing obama care as she did managing the tax exempt division.ion in washington molly henburg. >>> still ahead, a disturbingisu story out of arizona, a mother tries giving her baby away too complete strangers at a gas station. they're speaking out. o how much do you trust orteenagee son or daughter? dau there's new technology out track tg your child's every tech, e-mail and picture. that doesn't go too far. we'll be right back. did we get it? got it. yes! ♪ how do i make it stronger? [ male announcer ] when you've got fios quantum, you get america's fastest, most reliable internet. hey, so where's the big project? ...huh. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. [ male announcer ] technology that makes you feel superhuman... where do i sign in? [ male announcer ] that's powerful. switch to fios and we'll triple your speeds for free with an u
from steven miller in "usa today," he also writes -- host: will not be repeated. guest: right now i do not trust very much at all of what steven miller says. lois lerner said that it was only front-line employees? the deputy commissioner, now the acting commissioner of the irs and knew about this? new about it in 2011? this was not just front-line employees. it makes it very difficult for us to trust him. this is the problem, one of the reasons why it is such a huge problem. the irs, these servants, not elected, they abused their power. they abused their authority. when you abuse your authority and power, the people in the country quit trusting you. they brought this on themselves. it is very hard to trust anything he says. i understand that there are rules and laws that we have to work within, i know the irs has to do that. our organization has been so cautious. we have done everything we can, probably limiting ourselves and not even fully doing " we are allowed to do because of this process. yes, each case must be taking in the -- must be taken individually, but they are not doing th
that they asked for the resignation of steven miller who did resign and installed the new director last week and then, you know, they're saying, the president said that i'm going to go ahead and direct jack lew, the treasury secretary for the recommendations and we'll do that. on the other front was get outside the beltway, go to baltimore and talk about jobs and try to get back to his agenda, but that's not going to be easy. congress will have a number more hearings and you'll see danny go out there and the problem with steven miller's testimony is you leave questions unanswered so it will be hard for the white house to get by, most notably, whose idea this was for the irs to go after conservative and tea party groups. that has not really been explained and until that is, this thing is going to keep going. >> there were a lot of questions that were repeated and he got a barrage of questions over and over again for which he did not have answers. >> lauren, former senior adviser to president obama, david axelrod, he spoke about the problems plaguing the administration and here's what he said.
be the first in a series of hearings and investigations. as you pointed out, outgoing irs commissioner steven miller really got a grilling. it was a contentious hearing, and there was bipartisan outrage at times, alex, something we don't usually see. miller did apologize for not telling earlier about the fact that the irs had been targeting tea party and other conservative groups that applied for tax exempt status. he also said the irs planned to publish this in may by planting an answer at a q&a at a legal conference that was held. he said, look, this was not political. this was a foolish mistake. alex, there were a number of heated exchanges. take a listen to one of them. >> do you not think that congress has the right to know all the information that you knew? >> so, look -- >> did this committee -- >> congress was going to find out -- >> mr. miller, does this committee have the right to know the information that you knew? yes or no? >> this committee was always going to get that information. >> yes or no, that's an easy one. you testified before this committee, mr. miller, and did not --
makes a living off people's taxes. here is another steven miller who makes his money off the people's taxes. singing for members of congress today. he was grilled for hours on the hill over the agency's controversial practices of singling out conservative groups. for extra scrutiny when applying for tax-exempt status. admiral defended himself to members of the house, ways and means who want to know what he knew and when and if he misled congress at hearings last year. >> this was the time frame in 2010 when citizens united was out. there was a lot of discussion in the system about the use of c-4s. people in cincinnati decided, let's start grouping these cases. let centralize these cases. the way they centralize. ized it, troublesome. the concept, not. we're not targeting these people in that sense. >> you sent letters to congress acknowledging our investigation hese allegations. but consistently omitted that such discriminatory practices that are alleged were actually in
explode today. dana? >> that's right, wolf. steven miller admitted in this hearing that the irs singled out groups, political groups using conservative key words like tea party but did not use traditionally liberal words like progressive. that did not help his argument that the mistakes may have been stupid but not partisan. >> so help you god. >> i do. >> reporter: two days after getting fired the irs chief apologized. >> what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by people trying to be more efficient in their work load selection. >> reporter: yet steven miller repeatedly insisted inappropriate irs scrutiny of conservative groups was not politically motivated. >> it was a mistake and not an act of partisanship. >> reporter: his explanation? back in 2010 the irs was bombarded with applications for tax-exempt status so they came up with a shortcut using words like tea party to i.d. groups. >> look, they get 70,000 applications in there for 150 or 200 people to do. they triage those. >> reporter: but for four hours, he couldn't or wouldn't answer many questions. >> actually i
of the irs has been forced out as the fallout from the irs scandal spreads. acting commissioner steven miller had been aware of the agency's effort to put greater scrutiny on conservative groups as early as 2012. miller told staffers in internal memo that he'll be departing in early june when his acting assignment ends. but in a news conference last night president obama announced miller's resignation and described his own outrage over the whole issue. >> the misconduct that it uncovered is inskewable. it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it, and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the irs. given the power and reach it has in all of our lives. as i said earlier it should not matter what political stripe you're from. the fact of the matter is that the irs has to operate with absolute integrity. >> so i'm just reading. we've been covering the different players in this including lois lerner, who heads up the irs division on tax-exempt organizations and was aware from nearly the beginning of all this. i mean, i'm ass
objecting conservative groups to additional scrutiny. only two with is our schedule today, steven miller, was ousted wednesday as acting irs commissioner and j. russell george, the treasury inspector general for tax administration. >> a possible breakthrough on immigration. a bipartisan group of house members said they have a deal on sweeping legislation. the bill as been drafted right now. meanwhile, at an immigration bill is moving forward in the senate, where the judiciary committee held its third week session today to plow through some 300 amendments. >> and army sergeant will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole for killing five all service members of the combat stress clinic and iraq . sergeant john russell was sentenced yesterday. he will be tratransferred to fort leavenworth in kansas. the 14 year veteran previously pleaded guilty to unpremeditated murder to try and get the death penalty off the table. prosecutors were able to prove it the killings were premeditated. the 2009 shooting was one of the worst case of sho soldier on soldier by a to the i rack war. defen
questions now after hearing testimony from the ousted i.r.s. chief. steven miller apologized for the agency misconduct. and insisted that agents who gave tougher treatment did not act out of political bias. government leaders were made aware back in june that investigators were looking into the complaint. tea party groups said that they were singled out, but he testified that politics did not motivate their actions either. >>> a charity set up to help the three women freed from a decade of captivity in cleveland, has reached a $1/2 million. the charity, the cleveland courage fund has reached $4,080,000. donations are coming in from 50 states and several foreign countries. it will go into four trust funds for the women. and castro, the man accused of kidnapping and raping them is under suicide watch in jail. >>> new york city artist is under fire this morning from the object of his photo exhibits. he took pictures of the people through their windows of their apartment, like creaming and cleaning and no faces are revealed. the artist is saying raising their curtains, his neighbors were perfor
an promotion. >> let me ask you this, steven miller, ousted head of the irs, will testify on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? >> well, i would ask him what he knew and when he knew it and i would also try to figure out -- and, in fact, he may have just been the fall guy. i would want to know where did this policy start, who talked about it at first, how did it grow with inside the organization and i would like to know who he spoke with in the administration? who else outside of the irs knew about this. the first story from the white house was, oh, you know what, this is just a field office in cincinnati. >> right. >> a bunch of low-level employees. we found out later that just wasn't true. >> joe, during the press conference yesterday, the president spoke out and supported eric holder, the attorney general. is holder's job safe in your opinion? >> it certainly is. i mean the president will stay with eric holder until the very end. remember, eric holder has been under attack from the time almost he got sworn in. there's been one republican dust up after another. republicans would call
made by the tax agency but they ren't motivated by partisanship. steven miller has resigned and the president has already pointed the -- his replacement. his is three and a half hours. >> the meeting will come to order. on may 10 the director of internal revenue service division that oversees tax exempt group acknowledged that the agency was targeting political leaning organizations. four days later they confirmed hat "the i.r.s. used inappropriate crier the to identify political organizations applying for status." this began as far back as 2010. this goes against the principles of free speech and liberty upon in which this country was founded. the disregard that the agency has treated congress and the american taxpayer raises serious concerns about the leadership at the i.r.s. let's establish what we know. based on the report, we know for n 18-month period i.r.s. employees em employed key words to target applications for tax exempt status. these groups were subjected to further investigations. i.r.s. employees expanded their search to include groups about government spendin
and means committee gavels out after four hours hearing from the outgoing, acting irs commissioner steven miller and from russell george, who is the treasury inspect general for tax administration. it is their report the reason behind this hearing today. also additional hearings planned next week in both the house and senate. we're opening up phone lines here on c-span2 to get your reaction to what you heard today. here's paul ryan, the budget committee chairman and a member of ways and means. he spoke earlier today and asked the witnesses questions. here's how to participate. phone lines are open for democrats it is 202-585-3885. for republicans 202-585-3886. all others, 202-585-3776. make sure you mute your television or radio when you call in. want to remind you as well, if you missed the hearing today, it will be on our website at we'll show all of you to you later on c-span beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. let's take a look, also remind you to check facebook as well. i did want to point out the treasury inspector general report before we get to that first call. we have lin
responsible may have gotten a promotion. >> let me ask you this. steven miller, the ousted head of the irs will testify on capitol hill today. what would you ask him? >> i would ask what he knew and when he knew it and try to figure out -- in fact he may have been the fall guy. i would want to know where did this policy start? who talked about it first? how did it grow inside the organization? and i'd like to know who he spoke with in the administration? who else outside of the irs knew about this? the first story from the white house was this is just a field office in cincinnati, a bunch of low-level employees. we found out later, that ub just wasn't true. >> during the press conference, the president supported eric holder the attorney general. is holder's job safe in your opinion? >> it certainly is. the president will stay with eric holder until the end. eric holder has been under attack from the time almost he got sworn in. there's been one republican dust up after another. they demanded his resignation time and time again. you saw him push back on capitol hill, to the chairman of the
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)